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Regular maintenance of your car or any vehicle (domestic or foreign) is cheaper in the long run and will significantly help hold your cars value. Besides nobody wants a costly car breakdown on the road or highway leading to inconvenience, expense of towing, out of pocket expenses, vulnerabilty and stress. SEE MORE BELOW:

  • Electronic chips that can be installed in your car to increase speed. (We do this.)

  • Regular Maintence: Oil Changes (always keep the record history of them.), flushes, etc.

​       (Different cars have slightly varying requirements.)

  • Customizations

  • Custom Paint

  • Spoilers

  • Wheels that are upgraded

  • Hubcaps that are upgraded

  • Good Alarm System

  • Keep Original Parts / Upholstery (well maintained & clean interior)

  • If something needs repair, they sooner the better, sometimes more damage can happen with delays of some repairs. 

  • Avoid Aftermarket Parts / Used Parts

  • Always keep a check on battery corrosion.

  • Add-ons (for example sun roof, moon roof, etc.)

  • Any upgrades (for example: Sound system upgrade.)

  • Low mileage

CHow to increase the value of your car


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