Upon choosing an auto body shop for your car, truck, trailer, SUV, van or bus; it is important know certain specifics about the auto body service that you utilize to entrust to perform  thorough swift excellent  service. Michigan law states that you have the right to choose any auto body shop to fix your car and only requires you to give your insurance company one estimate.

How long has the auto body shop been in business?

Does the auto body shop have  a warranty on their work? How long does the warranty last? What does the warranty actually cover? By law, auto body shops are not required to give their customer a warranty for their work. However, Michigan law states that if a warranty is given, they must state any exclusions on the warranty. Always be sure to get a hard copy of their warranty.

Does the auto body shop have a rating on the Better Business Bureau? What is their rating?

Does the auto body shop service use top of the line equipment on each and every collision service to ensure it receives the very best lasting quality workmanship?

Does the auto body shop service use laser-equipped and computerized devices to straighten dented frames?

Does the auto body shop use the latest technological equipment to match your auto body paint identically when repainting your vehicle?

Does the auto body shop service have staff that has accredited certifications and awards such as:

SEMA awards
Riddler awards
ASE Certified
I-CAR Gold certified
PPG blue class
Akzo Nobel Sikkens

Unitizeded Body Structural Repair certification & registration

Does the local law enforcement/or/city entrust the auto body shop service to repair their police cars and vehicles? (Obviously this is just an added impressive bonus to the body shop accolades if they have solitified a service contract with the local/city government.)

Does the auto body shop use 'used' or 'after market' parts (LKQ)? On your written estimate it should include the specific type of parts that will be used in the repair. If you see 'Like Kind and Quality' or 'LKQ', this means the parts that will be used to fix your vehicle will be used and not new. Never allow an auto body shop to install used or LKQ' parts if it is a safety item.

Does the auto body shop provide a free loaner car or shuttle for your convenience?

Is the the auto body shop service accepted by your insurance company/all insurance companies?

Is the auto body shop registered (licensed) with the Department of State? They must be registered/licensed (licensed by Michigan law).

Are the auto body shop mechanics (who repair collision damage) registered to be certified in the category of 'Unitized Body Structural Repair? By Michigan law they must be.

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FAQ: How to choose an auto body shop

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